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Syrian Army Gains Full Control Over Aleppo

Photo: Vanessa Beeley

The Syrian army and militias are fully controlling the Syrian city of Aleppo, a clearing operation of remaining militants is underway, a militia source told RIA Novosti on Friday.

Earlier, the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation said that eastern Aleppo previously controlled by militants has been fully liberated, however, the Syrian army continues to eliminate certain hotbeds of militants’ resistance. “The Syrian army, so to say, controls Aleppo fully. The clearing of remaining militants in separate parts of the district is underway,” the source said.

On Thursday, the Russian General Staff said that a total of 105 districts in Aleppo had been freed by the Syrian army.

Syrian President Bashar Assad called the liberation of Aleppo a “watershed moment” on Thursday. An operation to evacuate militants and their families, as well as civilians who wanted to leave eastern Aleppo, had been held with the assistance of the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation and the ICRC staff. Currently, the evacuation “of all those who wanted to leave eastern Aleppo” has ended.

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