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Militants Prepare to Break Through Aleppo Siege

REUTERS/ Omar Sanadiki

Militants in eastern Aleppo will attempt to break through the siege in near future, a senior Syrian opposition figure said Tuesday.
Aleppo militants refuse to surrender to Syrian government forces, Samir Nashar, member of National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces told RIA Novosti. “Militants apparently have supplies, and they are counting on them. They are likely to make new attempts to break through the siege soon,” Nashar said.

According to Nashar, Sunday talks between the Russian military and opposition groups on withdrawal from Aleppo resulted in failure, and the militants notified a US official acting as a negotiator between Washington and the rebels that they will not surrender and continue fighting until the end.

“At the same time, the militants are apparently trying to negotiate their exodus with mediation by the US and Turkey,” Nashar said. Over recent months, Aleppo became major battleground in Syria, engaging government forces, jihadists, and numerous opposition groups. Eastern Aleppo is currently encircled by government troops, and the fighting has affected thousands of civilians still trapped in the city. Previous internationally mediated ceasefires have collapsed as militants continued attacks and opposition failed to expel al-Nusra Front, which is now known as Jabhat Fatah al Sham and outlawed in Russia, from the city.

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