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Militants Shell Aleppo Residential Districts, Kill 2 People

REUTERS/ Omar Sanadiki

At least two people were killed and four injured as a result of a rocket attack by militants groups on residential districts of the Syrian city of Aleppo, local media reported on Monday.

Extremists shelled the districts of Meridien and al-Zahraa, according to the Organization of Syrian Arab Radio and TV broadcaster. One of the victims is said to be a child.

Despite being surrounded militants from eastern Aleppo continue to shell residential areas controlled by the Syrian government troops. Over the past 24 hours at least 10 people were wounded as a result of shelling and were sent to hospitals. Over recent months, Aleppo has became major battleground in Syria, engaging government forces, jihadists, and numerous opposition groups. Previous internationally mediated ceasefires have collapsed as militants continued attacks and government troops resumed their advance. Russia cited US failure to separate moderate and extremist factions on the ground as the main reason for the ceasefire collapse.

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