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Balotelli: ‘Always there for Italy’


Mario Balotelli promises “I’ll always be there” for an Italy call but understands “others deserve it more than me” right now.

The Nice striker hasn’t played for his country since the 2014 World Cup, receiving just one call-up under Antonio Conte and none under Giampiero Ventura so far.

“I repeat: I’m just waiting for the right moment,” Balotelli shrugged, speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport.

“If the CT still hasn’t called me, it means others deserve it more than me for now. I’ll always be there for the national team.”

Balotelli was also asked about the various Coaches he’s worked with in his career, naming the best and the worst.

“For me, the most astute is still [Roberto] Mancini. He’s fantastic, I owe him so much. In second place I’ll put [Nice’s Lucien] Favre along with [Jose] Mourinho.

“The Portuguese is great at firing you up, it’s too bad that at a certain point there was a rupture between us.

“The worst? Not [Jurgen] Klopp, I never knew him. There was a certain situation at Liverpool, though maybe he should have had more patience with me.

“Really the biggest disappointment I’ve had was with [Brendan] Rodgers. I had fun with him in training, but in reality the relationship was a disaster.”

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