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This guy is the biggest loser of the US elections: Due victory Trump will lose billions


Just hours after the election victory of Donald Trump, it was clear that I could be the biggest loser in US elections.

The collapse of the Mexican peso and the stock price, most billionaires hit in Mexico, and especially one. Fifth on the list of the richest people in the world, Carlos Slim, the victory Trump will potentially lose 4.7 billion, the most of any billionaire in the world, according to Forbes.

Fall of pesos yesterday reduced the net value of the Mexican tycoon wealth of 49 billion dollars, 53.7 billion, as according to “Forbes” account for his wealth on Tuesday night when the market was closed. Shares of “America Movil”, a telecommunications company in which Slim owns a 62 percent stake, fell 9 percent in the US and nearly 4 percent in Mexico.Analysts who follow “America Movil”, said the fall was a result of the weakening of pesos but investors who withdrew money from the company assuming that the shares will continue to fall.

The surprise victory of Trump influenced the decline of the Mexican currency. Already on Tuesday at midnight, when the chances of winning Trump amounted to around 80 percent of pesos declines of 13 percent and a dollar should allocate 21 pesos. Slightly recovered on Wednesday – 19, 8 pesos per dollar. Analitiachrite predict pesos could still fall against the US dollar.

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