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Protocol for nuclear attack: What should trump to launch missiles?


Donald Trump on January 20, will take the post of President of the United States, and when that happens, Trump will be responsible for nuclear missiles, meaning you can and give the order to launch.

Many fear could easily come about given his views in the past, but for something to happen, it requires many procedures. The good news is that there is no button which Trump just can not pull it.

It is a process of several steps which will include the presidents of the allies of the United States. However, the bad news is that most of those steps does not have to mean something if Trump decided to attack – of course they can do it.

Meeting the president with his counselors

US President has the ultimate right to launch nuclear missiles. However, you must consult with his top advisers at the Pentagon and other government advisers before you issue the order.

That meeting must not last long – the system is ready for rapid intervention if such a firing missile at the United States. This means that the system can bypass the “wasting time”, but he is here for all to be assured that the President is in common sense in making a decision.

Issuing orders

When they are completed the formalities, the President has primary decision attack. That makes the two ways – from a secret command center, or the briefcase called “Soccer Ball” which contains all the necessary things for a nuclear attack.

It includes well-secured communication tools book codes for launching and information the location of the US nuclear arsenal.

Ordinance passes several checkpoints

ordinance nuclear attack “travel” from the president to the Pentagon war room. A senior functionary reads the code with which to verify that the order really comes from the President.

If we confirm that is true, then he gets a plastic card with new codes that need to be verified.If these codes are confirmed, then the order is considered to be issued.

Military orders

Military room then prepares orders for launch with information about the target, the time of launch and the code needed Unblocking of nuclear missile before it is launched.

This command travels to the submarine / strategic bomber and bunker with intercontinental ballistic missiles from where it will be all the preparations for the final launch of the missiles.


Teams on the ground undertake the work

team in the submarine took over the procedure. The submarine captain and senior crew confirm the order. The order and receive the combination to the safe button to launch the missiles. Fifteen minutes later, the missiles are ready for launch.

Nuclear power has military bases all over the United States. The order is sent to five bases where there are two soldiers, and after verification, all five databases simultaneously turning the keys to launch the missiles.

The missiles are launched

under pretpotavka the president gave the order, the Pentagon has communicated throughout the command chain, and one of the highest military officials gave another sign of approval or a certificate. The missiles are launched.

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