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What Happens When Elites ‘Refuse to Accept Political Reality’


On Tuesday, Donald Trump became 45th president-elect of the United States. Asked to comment on the stunning upset victory, political scientist Dr. Armando Steinko told Sputnik that like Brexit before it, Trump’s victory was the logical outcome of a situation where elites refused to recognize political and economic realities in their countries.
Speaking  about what US politicians and most of the mainstream media had said would be an impossible victory, Steinko explained that actually, Trump’s win “is similar to what happened in the United Kingdom with Brexit.”
In each case, he noted, “the political and economic elite did not perceive or did not want to acknowledge the chasm between the actual situation in the country and the ‘official’ one.”
“Meanwhile, this chasm Western societies [has been shown] to exist, and the elites are bewildered, since even though the symptoms of it were visible, no one could have suggested that it would all end in a victory for Trump.”

Now, Steinko explained, the challenge for Trump will be to fulfill his many campaign provinces. “The danger for Trump consists of the fact that he promised his voters a great deal, and they now have high hopes for him. But he [alone] cannot fulfill many of these promises.”  In the realm of foreign policy, the professor praised Trump for his apparent desire to reduce the US military footprint abroad. “This is evidence of realism…What will it lead to? Probably to considerable tensions within NATO, and to more pragmatism in international relations.” As far as relations with Moscow are concerned, Steinko pointed out that “Putin, like other leaders, has appealed, within reasonable limits, to any possible way to somehow reduce the aggressiveness of his adversary. If Trump has decided to concentrate on domestic policy and to reduce the military presence of US troops abroad, this, of course, will have a positive impact on the situation in the world. And obviously, it will benefit Russia, which suffered primarily during the [first] Clinton era, but from the Republicans as well. We shouldn’t forget that Clinton proposed the continuation of the Republican Party line [on Russia] and a Cold War.”

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