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India-Pakistan Border : Four People Killed, Five Injured

AP Photo/ Channi Anand

At least four people were killed and five injured as a result of the latest round of cross-border shelling between Indian and Pakistani troops in the disputed Kashmir region.
A total of three civilians were killed and three injured when a mortar shell landed on a residential building in the Poonch district in the Kashmir region and as a result of shelling in other areas of the district, the Dawn newspaper said, citing police sources.
According to the NDTV broadcaster, one Indian soldier was killed and two injured as a result of the cross-border shooting in the area of Naushera.

Kashmir has been disputed between India and Pakistan since the partition of India in 1947. The two countries have had three wars over the region, but the conflict has not been resolved. The recent escalation of violence across the India-Pakistan border came after 19 Indian soldiers died as a result of the September 18 attack by armed militants on a base outside of Srinagar, the capital of India-administered Kashmir.

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